Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment No.2 Bill of 2019: Contents of the Bill

1.Appointment of additional non- parliament ministers:Clause 10 amends section 104 (3) of the constitution.Under this clause the president may appoint up to 7 instead of 5 additional ministers from outside parliament based on their professional skills and competence.

2.Extension of party list members of the national assembly: Clause 11 amends section 124 of the constitution. It proposes to extend by another 10 years (From two to four parliaments) the provision of the election of 60 female members in the national assembly under proportional representation. The clause also makes provision for the party list representation of youths in the National Assembly by setting aside of one constituency per province for youths.

3. Delimitation of electoral boundaries: Clause 12 provides that the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’s delimitation function will no longer be subject to the population census held every 10 years.

4.Tenure of Judges: Clause 14 will allow judges of the constitutional court and supreme court to extend their tenure after reaching the age of 70 annually for up to 5 years subject to a favourable medical report as to the mental and physical fitness of the judges to continue office.

5.Change of name of civil service: Clause q5 amends section 199 of the constitution by revising the functions of the public service previously called the civil service. The public service will implement the policies of the executive branch of the government to assist it in the administration of Zimbabwe and to deliver public services to the people.

6.Promotion of judges: Clause 13 of the Bill proposes to empower the president acting on the recommendation of the judicial service commission (JSC) to appoint sitting judges to vacancies in the higher courts without subjecting them to the public interview procedure.

7.Abolition of provisions for electing Vice Presidents: Clause 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 amend sections 91,92,93,94,95,97 and 101 of the constitution.Clauses 2 to 8 dispense with the “running mate” concept whereby the election of a president and vice presidents take place con currently with every general election of members of parliament provincial councils and local authorities.The removal of the running mates clause will allow

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