Your Greatness is Imminent


Success has been achieved by many but yet very few found fulfilment in their undertakings. So many a time has it been uttered that ‘live your life;’ however, others tend to capitulate to living the dreams of other people; not theirs. Instead of venturing into the turf of their untamed and unrivalled magnitude, some even became successful medical practitioners when they always have desired to become musicians.

Who do I want to be and where do I want to go, are the questions which one should relentlessly ask themselves. If you do not know who you want to be, you can become whatever people always wanted you to be-any identity can suit you.

“If you do not know where you want to go, any road will take you there.”-Unknown

Become an identity achiever, identify yourself by what you want to achieve in your life; identify yourself by your dreams. Make plans for yourself, have confidence in them and see yourself on the go to the attainment of your greatness. Do what you love and love what you do for your greatness lie in wait for you.

I feel pity and sympathize with a gloatingly jubilant feeling for those who choose mortification for themselves by living dreams which were tailor-made for them by others (most probably their parents or any prominent persons that surround them). As the clock ticks and time reaches 8.00 a. m during the working days, I see many unhappy employees characterised with frowning and wrinkled faces. But why, I always asked myself?

The answer is very simple. It has been once upon a time and now again bequeathed to us by those who unearthed it from days of old that, happiness and fulfilment only come in the pursuit of one’s dreams and in enjoying the fruits of their own thoughts which materialise after arduous and perpetual endurance. So why choose to ruin the purpose of your life by living a life filled with anxiety? Why choose to dance to other people’s melodies when you can play your own music? Choose to stand up and own up for your dreams and dine in the fulfilment of your greatness.


The choice is yours

Many choose to excuse themselves for not accomplishing anything in their lives. They slyly complain and grumble that they never had the opportunity. In empirically dissenting to that perception, I concur with Napoleon Hill that this is an excuse justifiable by them, reasonable and sufficient enough to let most people abandon their dreams. It is never a matter of time and chance, it is your daring not that delays your greatness. In biblical terms, the book of Ecclesiastes 9:11 clearly spells out that, “…time and chance happeneth to them all.”  So the choice is yours, to live up to your expectations or to keep your life boxed in mediocrity; you always have got to make the decision.

“In life you always have a choice. Sometimes it is easier to think that you don’t.”-Unknown

Instead of saying I did not have a choice, choose to say I do. Instead of saying I never had the opportunity, choose to create the opportunities for yourself. Instead of choosing to dare not, dare! Do not choose to live by saying I do not have the capital to start my own business, rather maneuver on how you can source the capital needed to inaugurate your own firm. Many great icons bear consensus to the fact that, with an idea ready for execution, financial breakthrough for its accomplishment will come along the way. Do not choose to do nothing, choose to do something that attracts the finance needed for the accomplishment of your goals.

One of the renowned Inspirational authors in Zimbabwe, Milton Kamwendo, when writing his book “It’s Time To Unleash Your Greatness,”says that, “as I write, I do not know how to finance the publication of this book, but when you shall read it, I will be starting to share with you a testimony.” A powerful declaration indeed. He had confidence in his toil, he believed in the pattern of his thinking and in his plans. Finally, he accordingly published the book such that his mission to inspire people could be accomplished.

I’m not imparting this gento you in vain, but also because I find fulfilment in dogging my dreams. I also wish you to clasp these conceptions and apply them in your lives.I chose to live by discipline, and even disciplining myself to live according to principles. Choosing to decide on my capacity to become one of the greats who shall leave history worthy to be remembered and ideas worthy to be lived out. I choose for myself empowering decisions, to follow my passion and implement every worthwhile decision I reckonappropriate to be of benefit to the society.

I affirm myself by saying, I will stop at nothing towards the accomplishment of my goals because my greatness is imminent and so is yours!!!

This article was written by Happymore Chibvura

Happymore Chibvura is a Psychology Student at Midlands State University (MSU). He is also a Personal Development Coach, an Entrepreneurship Coach and Author. You can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter. His Twitter handler is @htchib. Email address: Phone number: +263 77 399 3726/ 71 213 8991

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