“Recycling” A gap for industry resuscitation in Bulawayo…

Recycling is one of the key drivers of industrial growth in developed countries. It has created employment in many countries as well as promoted the use of clean raw materials that contribute to the keeping of atmosphere pollution free. However this idea of recycling seems to be ‘new’ among many young people even the old in Bulawayo. Few companies have taken up the mandate to recycle products and reuse them and the young people should utilize the gap and adopt the recycle initiative.


What is recycling? This is the collection of waste materials and passing these materials
through a system for them to be retreated and reused for another products. A good example is the use of human waste to recycle it to make a source of fuel or energy or the use of soft drink cans to make traditional metal pots. Recycling has created many opportunities for young people in developed countries these include creation of employment as well helping in the growth of the economy. These waste products are collected by a group of people and when all things being equally these people can be employed by the bigger companies, but research carried out at Ngozi Mine in Bulawayo reveals that the people who collect these waste products are given less money by the buyers of these waste products to recycle them at a small scale.


In some areas people collect animal skins to make leather shoes this can be viewed as
recycling as well, a local designers also have utilized the gap to adopt the recycling method as a way of acquiring raw materials. Some of have used plastic, leather to make finished products. Recycling market has a big gap in Bulawayo that young people should  utilize. Water can be recycled in farms and it is an initiative that requires less money and it can help the community in terms of productivity.


Many developing countries instill the culture, the idea of recycling and taking good care of the environment to children at a tender age. Where are we missing it as Bulawayo, Zimbabwe? Is the mandate of young people to be carrying out cleaning campaigns and leaving the recycling for bigger foreign companies? Recycling can be a huge benefit in the employment creation, generation of revenue and boosting the economy as well as the infrastructure.

As young people let us utilize these gaps and create employment for ourselves and the
country. Working together we can create opportunities.

Article by

Brighton Ncube (Youth for Innovation Trust)


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