Promoting intersectionality key to combating cyber bullying.

Youth for Innovation Trust gathered female students from across different universities in and around Bulawayo in a conference held as part of the 16 days of Gender based violence 2019 to create and interrogate safe space for interaction. The conference was held under the theme “creating opportunities for young women’s innovative engagement in public spaces”.

IMG_4762.JPGSpeaking at the occasion, Caroline Mudzengi from Voice of the voiceless applauded Youth for Innovation Trust for creating a space which has been missing in different youth empowerment initiatives. She mentioned that intersectionality is key in addressing gaps that are perpetuating social ills and subjecting young women to victimization in their daily routines including social media engagement.

Young women under the age of 30 are currently topping statistics with a new case of Gender based violence, and HIV infections among other social ills that are contribution to their staggered participation in public life. Speaking at the same event, the director of Youth invest, Nomqhele Siziba condemned the lack of knowledge and dissemination of information on the changing dynamics of Gender based violence especially in the cyber space.


The lack of participation of young women in different public spaces across different fields of work and has led to further suffering of young women, Sehliselwe  Ncube the director of Eddien Sports Trust revealed that one of the pressing reasons why women in Bulawayo fail to penetrate male dominated fields of work is because they do not have the opportunity to intersect and engage with relevant stakeholders speaking with one voice.

The director of Youth for Innovation Trust who were the conveners of the activity, Thando Gwinji said she applauds how the young women took over the shore and laid forth strategies to support each other in the quest for creating a level playing field. The convention managed to give the female students an opportunity to speak out about their experiences with gender based violence.


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