Zoom Out

My view is from a distance


Born from a system

Engaging your dome

Straight to the core of your bones

What do you see?

A child walking, barefoot

What is the cause

What is his reason for loss?

A filthy syndrome that has claimed both of his parents

Leaving him helpless the fees

Having to salvage the streets

Everyday for something to eat


Cause basic education is now a dream

HIV has left him a victim


Ignored by the public

With his future ignited

Resolving to silence

The violence and torture

Of his mental thoughts and the horror

Distorted his vision

Carrying little composure

The stigma

Has made him a statistical figure

He’ s living dejected


Subjected to pills

Injecting and molesting drugs and alcohol

And then sharing with friends

His parents lack of attention

His guardian’s pure perfection

Has left him with no reason for being

In Zimbabwe 7% of all children under the age of 15

Is orphaned by his unforgiving pandemic

What is missing in out moral fibre?

Is it Knowledge?

No.For that one comes free from well meaning Youths pushing for innovation. Is it education?

No.For that one needs an open mind and an open heart

Each one teach one.Dad help girl.

Mom help son.

Is it Pride?

Then let the elders teach, preach and live humility.

Take care of your partners and take care of your health.

Take care of your vessel because it is your wealth

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