Mobile apps for change… #TechnovationZW2019 focus

By Prisca Pfunye


As this year marks another season for Technovation challenge which is still running under theme Girls For Change, girls have been doing a great job with their applications they managed to identify tech solutions to challenges in their community.

As the girls were working on different issues there is a group of four girls from Mandwandwe High School. They go by the names: Elizabeth Gumbo, Chantel Dube, Siphathisiwe Dube and Melisa Ndlovu. These girls call themselves techno glowing girls. They are the senior girls at Mandwandwe.
The name of their application is called Cyber-bullying. The description of their app is as follows; they have identified that people are being attacked online so this application has to create a change. The features of their application expand on the causes of cyberbullying, its description and a link to a helpline. They believe in making a change in the ICT world and also help the victims of cyber-bullying


A group of girls who call themselves the Tech Fantastic Five have come up with an application called the School Messanger that is a fast way of delivering messages between schools and parents. The members of the group are Felistas Zvavamwe, Nobuhle Sibanda, Mirriam Hungwe Scebile Mpofu and Lister Mhonde.

Their mobile application that serves both the community and the school. Messages are transferred from the school directly to their parents without extra data costs. For these parents who can not understand English, there is a language translator of local languages such as Ndebele, shona, and tonga. One of the most interesting features of their application is that messages can also be a voice-note when you click on a voice-pad then your message is translated as a voice-note.

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