Transforming Education: #IYD219 Special

Article by Prisca Pfunye

Education is freedom – Paulo Freire

The 2019 edition of the International Youth day’s theme spoke loudly to youth in Bulawayo as they explored ways of transforming education in Zimbabwe. Education as was known previously, it is supposed to be the key to success, hence a group of young changemakers under Youth for Innovation Trust joined a webinar by the African Youth commission and partners on the Future of Work which is determined by the quality and accessibility of education. Before then, the young changemakers saw it fit to send forth messages on what can be done to transform education in Bulawayo through a phtoshoot.

Being heard, celebrated and given opportunities is key to meaningful participation in community development by young people. To transform education in Zimbabwe it was then realized that there is need revise the curriculum so that it relays information that is relevant for the future of work. As the world is moving towards more advanced technologies the current curriculum is not flexible enough for the future of work.

Though the current Zimbabwean constitution speak to free primary education in Zimbabwe it is very expensive through levies. Learning equipment and books are still a huge cause for concern. It is the duty of relevant stakeholders to redefine the education system in Zimbabwe.

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