Quite a number of young people across the country are doing a marvelous job as champions of development, yet their efforts go unrecognized leading to misconceptions that distort the role of the youth in building communities and thereby draining their motivation. Youth for Innovation Trust has developed an initiative to amplify the voice of young people who are doing well in their communities in order to celebrate their efforts.


Youth for Innovation Trust is a network of global citizens that bring forth development of the youth through social innovation. Through several strategies they have been engaging innovative young people in and around Zimbabwe to promote informed participation in development and growth in all aspects of life. Through this initiative young people across the country have grown closer to their peer leaders and sought partnership and collaboration of efforts.


Taking advantage of the social media bulge YIT has created a platform for public interviews on WhatsApp, bringing young leaders closer to their fellow youth. The interviews themselves have also been a source of growth for the young leaders as they get to reflect and give honest feedback about their work. From the interviews, these young leaders are profiled and exposed to the rest of the world.  However, not only young leaders have gained from this platform, the ordinary young person seeking growth in the group also gets to identify personal and professional mentors and get paired with them.


As the Activista movement grows in Zimbabwe, several members of the movement have been put on the spotlight as well and these include Alistar Pfunye, Nkosilathi Moyo, Happymore Chibvura, Patience Thauzeni, Miles M Moyo and Meluleki Dube amongst others.  Success of the initiative has been seen through collaboration of efforts across the country and joint voices in community development. The platform has brought to the spotlight unsung young leaders in politics, crafts, music and radio, sexual health rights, technology development, life coaching, writing, LGBTQIA+ rights, women and girls’ rights, youth development and many others.


More on the Young Leader’s spotlight on https://youthforinnovation.com/young-leader-space/


Article by:

Thando Gwinji

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