What happened to the village raising a child?


‘It takes a village to raise a child ‘this is a different tale as the village has grown claws and the child has become largely vulnerable to the village which has failed to play the watch dog and protect the child. Each day we are awakened by the bizarre stories that inflight pain in every one’s heart as we ponder what has the society turned into? Is it still safe for the child to walk around, is it still safe to leave your child with the neighbours?

The nations sits down to listen to StarfmZimbabwe , the emotional  heart breaking story of two little girls a 9year old and a 13 year old who have succumbed to sex work to make a living. The age of consent in Zimbabwe is 16 years and some still argue that it should be raised to 18years old. The duo reside in Harare and have resorted to indulge in sexual practices at a tender age to make a living. The 9 year old tells how she lost her virginity for 50cents and how she contracted sexual transmitted diseases (STIs) and the other 13 year old tells a tale of when she lost her virginity at a tender age of 11years for 25cents.

Where is the village that used to look after the children in the society? What has happened to the old adage that says ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? Where should the children run to as the society has turned a blind eye as children suffer at the hands of the violent system that has ripped away their dignity?

The two young girls narrate the ordeal how they started sex work in the dusty streets of Harare, each night they bring $3.00 to cater for their living expenses. It baffles many how a 9 year old is expected to provide for the family when the child is still a dependant. Where are the parents one would wonder?  A scenario where the parents have gone through separation or when the parents have passed away the child is sometimes abused by the close family and leaving the child with no other option but to throw themselves at the hands of deceiving wild animals.

The 9 year old girl looks after her 5year old sibling and to many this is a heart breaking scenario where no one would wish to be in. These are mere kids but they have been exposed to the harsh conditions of life. The two narrate the story of how they would go to the clinic to seek medical treatment but they are victimised by the nurses and this has frustrated the young children on how the system which should be taking care of them is throwing them to the wolves. What are the police doing about this? The girls need food and are taking whatsoever comes to their way, hence men have taken advantage of this.


Isn’t this rape? How do a mental stable man remove his wallet and give a 9year old money in exchange of sex? Later on remove his manhood to a 9year old? The society has turned into a nightmare and lost humanity. The duo say each night they sleep between 4 to 5 men and what kind of men would sleep with with a 9 year and a 13 year old?

Many would blame the economic hardships one goes through each day but has it gone to the extent that people have lost their dignity and are willing to devour their own? What are the authorities doing to bring back the village that used to groom and raise children without violating them.  The modern day society would ignore a screaming sound being heard from the next door and they only peep through the curtains and does not bother to help the child crying in agony. The society has turned into each man for himself and God for us all.

Article by

Brighton Ncube

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