Nexus of culture and technological innovations…


Culture and tradition has revolved over the past years and young people have adopted or viewed technology and innovation as the new culture and tradition. Where is the nexus between culture/tradition and innovation and technology? How do these link and what can be done by young people to fuse the old cultural methods with the new methods?

 Long ago our forefathers used to have different practices which were seen as part of their culture /tradition, such practices include (ukuthethela) these are the reincarnation ceremonies normally practiced by many Africans and some still believe in the ancestral spirits as well as life after death. During these days his was viewed as a form of innovation or technology.  The current generation has adapted to the new ways of doing things that have come as a result of technology and innovation.

Lobola is a tradition largely practiced by many Africans but now the current generation has fused this practice with innovation. A good example is the Lobola App which can be used to replace negotiators who were used to negotiate the amount to be charged for Lobola for the bride. This App can determine the amount of Bride price for any individual, this can be viewed as the new technological methods working with the old cultural practices. One would ask is this preserving the old traditions by fusing them with the new technological advances.

The new technological advances have taken over the entire and the world has gone digital. Are young people neglecting their roots because of the coming of technology? How are the old people embracing this transition? Is the society comprising of the elderly ready for the fusion of old cultural practices with the new innovations being introduced each day?

Let’s look at the culture or practice of termed   (ukungenwa) in the context of a woman who struggled to have children of her own and her young sister was tasked to provide the child through sleeping with the husband. This was one of the biggest family secrets that was kept away from anyone even the child would not discover what had transpired in the past. Bringing this particular practice to the modern day generation we can compare it as innovation and the use of technology as (IVF) Invitro fertilization. This is the fusion and dumping of old methods that can be viewed as abusive and taking away the freedom and independence of women.

There are many old tradition/cultural methods that have been fused by the modern day generation, these have made the culture easy to relate to. Many have viewed some cultural practices as hindering the emancipation and independence of women, however the new technological practices which seek to encompass the old cultural tradition.

Technology has taken over and this has been viewed as a threat to the old cultural methods as some have suggested that the modern day generation might be losing its roots.  Someone would ask was there innovation in the old cultural practices without the element of technology? Innovation can be best defined by times we live in. during the heydays the methods and practices done had their element of innovation and modern day generation can also define innovation differently so will the next generation. Lobola, ukulagisa, ukusisela, ukubuyisa all these practices had the elements of Innovation and technological touch to it.

However it is worth noting that times have changed and culture seem to have revolved with the ever changing times. Innovation and technology can be viewed as the new culture of doing things in many societies across the globe. It’s time for the society to adapt and adopt the new practices which have have come with technology. Again how do we close the gap between the old cultural methods and the new inventions that have come with the modern day generation? How do we help the older people understand these practices which now have an element of new technology and new innovation.

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