Social media, a tool for emancipation


Social media is a powerful conduit used by billions of people across the world, it has transformed the landscape of communication. Gone are the days when smoke  or drum beats were used to convey a message with other people in a village, nowadays innovative, technological methods of communication have made work and life easy for millions of people across the divide in just one click. It is worth noting that with social media there are opportunities as well as threats which come with the use of social media.

Social media is a powerful tool used by many as a mode of communication, advocacy, business, emancipation, and activism. However in the era of social media the world has lived in fear of scams, cyber bulling, fraud, and scandals which have come with the new easy ways of communicating.

Is social media a powerful tool of emancipation or it’s a control dangerous weapon which has come to destroy the society? When one speaks of social media they simple refer to methods of communication such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Snap Chat and so on. All these platforms have a huge audience and people prefer different platform for communication. These platforms have been used for various activities such as for business, social, politics, advocacy, activism as well as emancipation.

With the coming of social media we saw new job titles which were not there over the ears have been coined these include social media managers, social media activists, digital marketing managers, as well as business have been created such as online newspapers, online televisions as well as radios. It has become a fast world where communication has been made easy across borders and boundaries. Business are signed and done over a phone call, over a skype meeting, this has been hugely welcomed by millions of people.

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In the era of digital space and globalisation everyone is connected and everyone is a friend to a friend and most of the people who communicate via these platforms are strangers to each other .With social media we have seen business meetings being made online, Learning via digital space, Social activities being discussed on various platforms. Twitterthons have been carried out by many organisations to create an awareness on a number of issues be it women and youth empowerment, human rights , elections and good governance, and these have been a huge success. A lot of organisations thrive and do most of their work online through these social media platforms. However one would ask themselves how safe are we on social media? What are some of the threats that come with abuse of social media?

Are these platforms safe? What are some of the threat posed by these platforms to the masses in each corner of the world? A lot of scams have been done through social media platforms, people have been conned through these platforms, and many have become bankrupt and lost all their property through social media. Many people have been scammed through the use of social media, business transactions done via online platforms have seen many losing their hard earned cash as they were promised services which were never there.  Human trafficking has come in the name of job opportunities found online across borders, young girls have been abducted through the use of social media, fake news has been spread throughout the world in just one click and the entire word is awash with fake news. Online platforms have disrupted the mainstream media which is a very good way of disruptive innovative but however these platforms have produced fake news and its easy to disseminate information through online platforms as compared to the old way of passing information.

Young people have been at the core of this innovation which has brought harm as well as good in the fast growing society. Youths have abused social media platforms while some have used them for the benefit of the community.

Social media is a powerful tool which should be used accordingly to emancipate, build, shape the communities, youths are at the core of this advanced mode of development and should thrive to create innovative technological solutions to their community problems through the use of social media.


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