“Girls for a Change” Launched in Bulawayo

DSCF0350Technovation regional pitch competition 2018 run under the theme “Girls for Change” was hosted by Youth for Innovation Trust in collaboration with  Computer society, Techwomen Zimbabwe, and the Bulawayo City Council on the 5th of May 2018, at Small City hall in Bulawayo. This year’s competition saw girls from Bulawayo identifying problems affecting their communities together with the help of their mentors.

A number of schools represented on the day from Bulawayo include Masiye College, Species College, Tshebetshebe Elementary School, Agape College, Faith Christrian College.Each team comprised of 5 girls who spent their time working tirelessly to come up with innovative dynamic solutions that will bring about change and development in their communities.

DSCF0410.JPGThe young girls were tasked to identify community problems as well as come up with a business plan and create a mobile Application as a way of solving their community problems. A wide variety of Applications were created tackling various issues like child abuse, drug abuse, broiler application, the cycle it up chatrooms for menstrual discussions as well as the period Tracker.

This year’s competition saw junior as well as senior teams competing at this auspicious event. Speaking at the pitch was the Technovation regional ambassador as well as Youth for innovation Trust director Miss Thando Gwinji who highlighted the need for the country to empower the girl child who has been left behind in a number of times in particular when it comes to Innovation and technology,” it’s so sad to see the girl child being left behind when it comes to the Innovation and technology sector it is time our young girls are taught about these things, it is time that girls are given the same opportunities that have long been given to their male counterparts” she said.

Thando Gwinji – the Technovation Zimbabwe Regional Ambassador 

She also highlighted the challenges faced by the young girls in creating their mobile Applications.” The journey has not been easy it has been a challenge but I applaud all the girls that have made it this far to never give up on their dream, I urge the government to and the cooperate sector to open their doors when we knock looking for assistance as we try to empower and capacitate the girl child” she said

Speaking at the same event Janet Kahari from Computer Society who was also a mentor in this year’s Technovation challenge raised the issue of support from the parents as well as the school administrators who play a bigger role in motivating the girls as well as giving them time to attend these innovative forums where young girls learn a lot. “My huge concern is to the parents as well as the school headmasters do allow the girl child to partake in such innovative platforms so as to build our communities together”

DSCF0476.JPGThis year’s Technovation challenge saw a group of young girls called the 5th Diamonds walking away with a shield and prizes for creating an innovative application that impressed the judges and it will seek to take Bulawayo to another level.

Article by

Brighton Ncube




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