Youth perceptions on marriage


Marriage is one of the most misunderstood subject in our modern day generation. It raises many questions which young people have over the time failed to answer. It is now viewed as something that the older generation viewed it in their own way and the present generation also view it in a different way. This has led to a lot of confusion amongst young people regarding marriage.

Culture, religion and societal norms seem to clash when the subject of marriage is talked
about. Is marriage an accomplishment, can it viewed as an achievement, who should propose to who leading to marriage, who is marriage material and who is not? – These are some of the potent questions that many ask and struggle to get definite answers.
The term ‘marriage material’ has been on the lips of many as they discuss the subject of
marriage, how can one see an individual to be worth their proposal or worth their yes I will marry you? Is it good to liken a human being to a marriage material? The most vital
discussion worth pursuing when we talk of ‘marriage material’ is who marriage material is and who is not?


Many people would say these are my set of standards that I look for when am searching for a partner to be in a relationship with, some would follow their hearts whomever they meet and makes them happy they decide to be in a relationship with that particular individual. The subject of ‘marriage material’ which may be viewed as controversial goes back to the older generation. Long ago there were some practices that were done by our forefathers such as arranged marriages.

Under theses arranged marriages the family of the man would sit down and choose a woman for the man, what was important when they chose the woman they looked at how the family has raised her, what kind of a person she is and who are the parents that have said her. Was this the set of guidelines that they looked for as a ‘marriage material’?
Many young people would say they look for someone beautiful, handsome, with a vision that guide and direct them while some would say everyone is a marriage material based on anyone’s eyes. How does the society, bible define the term ‘marriage material’?

A material is something that one can use to make a certain product, when this is fused into the subject of marriage some may argue that the term does not sound proper as it reduces a human being in this context a woman into a substance. When people say ‘marriage material’ most of the time they refer to the feminine side only. The bible describes a woman and a man as ‘marriage material’ in Proverbs 31 and Ephesians 5 respectively. It is worth noting that some may view this an over glorification of marriage.

How can the modern day generation and the old generation use technology, innovation and old practices methods to reach a gap and come up with solutions that can suit each
generation? By aligning marriage into modern day practices, beliefs are we being radical or re defining culture, religion and its practices?


Opinion piece by

Brighton Ncube

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